From Farm to Fork

Handpicked Ingredients

Carefully selected locally grown ingredients, free from genetically modified organisms.

Least Carbon Footprint

Traditional eco-friendly agricultural and agro-processing practices to prevent pollution & emissions.

Rural Empowerment

Support the livelihood & well-being of local farmers, training & employment for rural Indians, especially women.

Packed & Delivered with Love

Genuine food products hygienically packed, hand labelled & carefully delivered for best consumer experience.

Why Orgatma?

Only The Best

Selected ingredients, unrefined, chemical-free hygienic processes to provide genuine products.

Reviving Traditions

Use of techniques like Cold Press, Stone Grinder, Mortar Pestle, Sun Drying, etc. to promote local craft.

Higher Nutrition

Natural, Whole & Unrefined food retain more nutrients than conventionally produced food.


All by-products after processing are used as livestock feed, thus leaving zero leftovers.


Supports natural, organic agricultural practices that serve and protect Mother Nature.

And only the Best

Our endeavor is to create not just the best products but the best lifestyle.

Benefits of Cold Pressed Oil

Unrefined, No Additives

Oils are extracted using traditional wood press which involves crushing the oil seeds at low temperatures without additives.

Cholesterol Free

100% Cholesterol Free, which means a healthier substitute for refined oil & relief from cardiovascular problems.

Full of Nutrients

Cold press technique retains flavor, aroma, and nutritional values of the seeds/nuts making these oils great for your health.

100% RAW

Pure fruits, nuts & seeds! That’s the only ingredient used in our oils, that too in their very pure & raw form.

Packed with Antioxidants

Organic antioxidants are a natural way of getting Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and beta-carotene, good for anti-aging and skincare.

Zero Trans-Fat

Cold-pressed essentially means there is no heating or chemical processing, hence the oil is devoid of trans-fat.


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With a dream of delivering traditional food ingredients on the plates of every Indian at affordable prices
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